Personally guided pleasure and adventure trips based out of beautiful Bigfork, Montana. Exclusive, private, with only your friends and/or family together.

Over 40 years of local experience in the great Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana, next to Glacier Park and millions of acres of other wilderness areas. I am a hunter and fisherman, hiker, and wildlife watcher. I have worked as a licensed professional hunting guide in Montana. I have put over 10,000 miles on foot, and countless more on horeseback and machine covering this beautiful wilderness. I have been attacked by grizzly bears, moose, badger, blue goose, and osprey. I have faced off with mountain lion, been stalked by black bear, and nearly ran over by deer and elk.

It is the nature of the wild to offer countless surprises. Every day is an adventure. Whether you like to stay next to the vehicle or take a hike, you are personally guided to experience some real Montana adventure. Montana is rated in the top 10 on the Travel Channel for National Parks and adventure destinations.

Montana Excursions offers you the local knowledge and experience, transportation, and a personal guide who has many stories about Montana's natural wonders. One of the unique aspects of Montana Excursions is that it is "your vacation". You make the choices. We offer numerous main destinations, each having its own excursion/adventure potential.

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